Ironically, the last thing that I thought about adding to my website – which, by the way, is all based on the visual power of the word and script – was a blog. I suppose that I’ve always thought I talk and write too much, so finding yet another means of ramming more prose into everyone’s eyes wouldn’t be the best possible option for expressing myself. Then I started blogging for the British Library, and I realized that it would be a very helpful, and indeed useful, addendum to my calligraphic and fimo creations. And thus, this blog was born.

Of course, this isn’t going to be the textual equivalent of the pictures that I put up. Instead, I intend to add a mix of content here. Sometimes it will be reposts of the blogs that I write for the BL. Sometimes it will be short stories or little fiction pieces that I don’t really have the energy to put somewhere else. And sometimes it will be nothing more than blogs that I haven’t sent in to be published on the Library website but that I think match well with the content of my website.



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